About you (and me)

I’m not a photographer.

I’m just a guy who fell into photography a couple years ago. I forged myself a “photography personality” with a thing for street photography, although my blog contains much more than that, as I try to explore different styles and techniques. From the very beginning, I thought photographs and words went along. I like to publish my photographs with a story, a quote, or just a few words. Sometimes they fit, and sometimes they don’t.

I want YOU to tell me what you like, and what you didn’t. What you’d do differently, and which story you’d tell. I want the web surfer, photography lover, photographer, daily life observer, detail lover, and Paris/Beirut lover to find something interesting here. If you don’t, tell me. I’m always on the lookout for inspiration and always open for new suggestions. As you may notice, a big part of the photos I take are spontaneous but I’m also exploring photo-shooting opportunities and techniques. So if you’re an artist, an actor/actress, a model or anyone with a cool idea and story to tell I’ll be more than glad to work with you.

You may be here because you followed some tweet or post. Maybe you found my blog by searching something specific that got you here, and maybe, just maybe, you heard about the blog and decided to take a look. Whatever the reason, I hope you enjoy the ride.


NB- If a photo of you is published on my blog without your consent and you wish its removal, please contact me on the below contact form. If you like the photo and want me to send you the original version, don’t hesitate to ask.

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