Read My Book

If you put dogs aside, books are man’s best-friends. Each book reflects a presence that accompanies the reader, bringing him a world of landscapes, characters, voices, thoughts and affections. We have long shared this convenient and accessible passion and oftentimes crossed its ways in our everyday life in Paris. It rallies thousands of people in the streets, subways, parks and many other places. Readers seem moved by their experiences, making us wish we can talk to them and find out what they think of their momentary companion. But an invisible barrier separates us and hinders our discovery.

Marcel Proust said that “reading is a friendship”. It is this shared friendship that gave birth to Read My Book, a project which, thanks to photography, enables us to cross this barrier and meet readers wherever they are. Here, book reviews and current trends are expressed through a photographic moment full of emotions and colours.

A project by BigHajjar and Raoul Gharios.
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