London 2012 – The fans return

London 2012 – The olympics

A great city hosting one of the greatest events. Sports, competition, joy, deception, tears, stress, hard work and tons of fun.

Love and peace all over.

No matter how small and weak your country is, in sports or anything else, it’s always a pleasure to see its flag waving above some of the most notorious streets of London.

But when your country exits all the competitions during the preliminary contests, you end up with two choices; either support another country or watch everyone else with an objective eye. I went with the second choice. But the eye I watched with was my lens and the people I watched were not the olympic athletes who were in the spotlight but the people behind them. Those who came from all over the world to support them, their fans, were my subject for a short story about how much fun it was to be a fan in such a beautiful city and a great global event.

You may figure it out yourself, but what you’re going to see is some light photography. The main purpose is to let you feel the olympic vibes directly from London and let you chose what type of fan will you be if you were there.

Will you be that guy running after a gold medalist in Regent Street to immortalize this moment and remember it all your life?

But some fans went beyond being here to cheer their favorite athletes. They tried to take their places and even invented new sports like this cute lady failing her first attempt in the fixed bar gymnastics at Trafalgar Square.

This year, nails art was on of the main cheering elements for the different countries. All the athletes and the fans had their nails decorated with their countries flags and the union jack. As a big fan of beautiful nails I tried hard to get some good shots but didn’t really succeed. Although I got this one 🙂

And the cheering goes beyond that, to special outfits worn especially by british people who survived the olympics fears and stayed in London to cheer team GB.

When was the last time you drew something on your face? I bet you were too young to do that. Well in London 2012 everyone did that beautifully. From small flags on the cheeks to a full face drawing. From a cute couple with cheeks flags to a happy american spoiling my focus point passing by a french who finally smiled for my camera after three shots 😉

And then come the flags, the common way to cheer your team. As you’re going to see, the union jack and the flags of the USA, Netherlands and Brazil were the most present flags, hold by really cool fans filing the city with positive vibe.

And finally two big tributes, on for the team GB who did very well and inspired all the british fans to enlighten London’s nights. A team full of stars who became idols now. Jessica Ennis (JESS we can), Mo Farah, Victoria Pendelton and her hot photos, Andy Murray and many others. An ALL STAR team.

And for the USA team, the one who got the highest number of gold medals, a great team but also great fans, always happy and smiling like this beautiful shining lady with her USA glasses under the union jack hat.

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  1. lovely! I’ve been in London last year for the first time and I fell in love with it! I can imagine what you experienced during the Olympics! 😀


  2. It is wonderful to witness thru your lense the vibrations the Olympics bring to a city. I was in Athens in 2004. Your post brought up that wonderful memory of being part of history.


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