It’s always a pleasure to see that someone likes a photo of mine. Especially if this “someone” is Beirut Street Photographers. Thank you for choosing my photo as Street Photo of The Week on the theme “lost in crowd” 😀

Beirut Street Photographers (BSP)

General Note: We’re trying a new approach for the SPOW in the coming weeks to encourage more Lebanese street photographers to take part. We’ll be choosing two street photographs each week for the SPOW– one from an International street photographer and one from a Lebanese one. Feel free to let us know your feedback on whether we should continue with this approach. Thank you!

How often do you find yourself in a crowd? What is it that actually draws us to form and become a part of a crowd? The streets, alive and constantly moving, are a common stage for crowds to form whether intentionally (for example, to watch a street performance or as part of a demonstration) or not (an accident or unusual event that draws attention).

But crowds sometimes form just because there are lots of people in one place and not necessarily there for the same reason.

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