A touch of craziness

Last time I visited Seoul, my photos were mainly about old people, those who work in traditional markets. This was the image printed in my mind even before I went there (Media Media Media …)

But after all, Seoul is not all about old people. There’s something special in this city, something that you can see in how people get dressed and how they behave in public.

I couldn’t find a word to describe this “touch of craziness” or this “one small detail that makes all the difference” so I decided to show it to through some photos of young and trendy Koreans.

Now it’s your turn to find this little touch in every photo.

Note that in this post you’ll witness two events that happened to me for the first time. I got a free hug in the street with a cute gift about “Arirang” a traditional Korean song (You can listen to it here)  and I shot a guy for his style.









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