In your face

As you may have read in my About you (and me) section, most of the photos I take are spontaneous or candid (in a professional term).

That’s how I started photography and that’s how I fell in love with it. I steal those real and authentic moments and share them with you. When I’m holding my camera, I’m the one hiding (or trying to), waiting for THAT person in the good place, at the right time doing the right thing for my photo.

But being discreet doesn’t always work for me, you’d understand better if you’ve seen me. That’s why sometimes I find myself facing my subjects, directly and asking if it’s ok to shoot them.

Bref, here are two of my precious catches. I Hope you like them 🙂



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  1. The first photo of the girl is really cool, but life is about motion aren’t you afraid you are missing on that by standing behind a camera that only gives you still shots ?


    • When I’m behind a camera i see things in a different way. I see things that I don’t see usually. In addition to that, I may be missing the motion but i’m freezing some remarkable moments for ever.

      Anyway, it’s a very interesting comment 🙂


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