When I became a tourist in my own country

I don’t remember the last time I brought my camera with me to Lebanon. I choose not to bring it home when I come for vacation for a simple reason which is to enjoy the family reunions without being the official photographer 🙂

The downside of this is that after two years of launching my blog, I realised that I didn’t publish any post from my home country.

But I’m lucky to have great people in my life who let me use their camera when I found myself on a road-trip as a tourist in my own country.

Enough about me, now enjoy the photos I took during the road-trip in Quannoubine Valley (a.k.a Kadisha Valley), Bcharri and Ehden.

Finally remember that if Aristotle said: “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” I would humbly say that Knowing your country is the beginning to the great journey.

Annoubin-1 Annoubin-2 Annoubin-3 Annoubin-4 Annoubin-5 Annoubin-6 Annoubin-7 Annoubin-8 Annoubin-9 Annoubin-10 Annoubin-11 Annoubin-12

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